No battles tonight

We’ve been getting some beautiful vegetables from our CSA and other local farms. We had the local corn my youngest help shuck with cocozelle zucchini from our CSA, broccoli, brown rice and chicken.  I made two types of chicken, a curry yogurt marinade (trying for something like Tandoori) and some with a crunchy coating.  I mixed plain yogurt and Patak’s Hot curry paste in which I marinated some drumsticks and breast pieces.  I then roasted the chicken along with some pieces coated in panko with herbs de Provence, olive oil, salt & pepper for my youngest two, especially my middle son who’s very sensitive to spice.

The boys all liked what they were given, except that my eldest said he didn’t like zucchini (which he ate all of anyway).  I remember being his age and my brother and I staying at a friend’s house while my parents were away.  The mom made zucchini that was cut really thin and overcooked.  The seeds were huge too.  I did not want to eat it, nor did my brother, but we were not allowed to leave the table until we did.  I stuck it out for a while, but eventually gave in and ate the cold, soggy zucchini (probably holding my nose while I did!).  My brother was at that table for hours.  I think she gave up on him eventually so she could go to bed.   I avoid situations like that.  I wasn’t going to make my son eat more than a taste, but he just ate what was on his plate, after speaking his opinion. 

 I do cook my zucchini differently from that family friend.  I par boil the entire courgette until it’s almost soft, then shock, then slice lengthwise then across on a bias and finish in my usual butter, salt  and pepper.  I think the chunkier pieces that aren’t overcooked are more pleasant in the mouth than limp, thin slices.  If they were raw, maybe the opposite would apply.  Also using a type of zucchini with small seeds probably helps.  But the main thing is that my kids aren’t going to have to sit at a table for hours turning dinner into a battle of wills.  If they don’t like it, I’ll try again next time.  I would rather they test their mettle on something more worthwhile.