Savory Scones Bacon & Cheddar Scones

I find breakfasts in the US seem overly sweet.  Whether it’s the sugar-laden cereals (especially those targeted at kids), pancakes, waffles and worst of all donuts and pastries.  Many other countries/cultures seem to have much more savory breakfast foods: Japanese typically have rice, fish, seaweed and fermented foods in the morning.  Brits have their big breakfasts of eggs, tomatoes, beans, sausages.  Our typical “breakfast” foods here start us on the wrong foot.  

I always make sure we eat breakfast, and occasionally pancakes or waffles are served.  But I do try to steer clear of too many sweet items.  Donuts are dessert in my book.  So, some of the foods I give my kids at breakfast are: multigrain or sourdough toast or bagels with cream cheese, peanut butter or Marmite (NZ version; yes I still have back up); scrambled eggs; omelets; yogurt; unsweetened,  lightly sweetened cereals or Ola granola; oatmeal (steel cut cooked in rice cooker, traditional on stove), smoothies and on special occasions (when I feel like it) I make scones.

These are my savory version. Recipe is from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything.  I just add cooked bacon and shredded cheddar and skip the sugar. 

So delicious and gobbled up quickly by all!